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Thank you, I won’t be back

All my life I have been self conscious. And around age 10 after my mother got me a horrific haircut, I became super self conscious about my hair. Once I was old enough to decide my own haircut I refused to get my hair cut shorter my shoulders. I don’t want a repeat of that tragic time.

For years I’ve constantly been getting the same hairstyle: to shoulders, all one length, no bangs. It really never changed. Finally I decided to try something new out. I tried bangs and layers out. And I absolutely loved it. So I wanted layers again the next time I wanted a haircut.

When I asked for layers the hairdresser said “No. You won’t look good with layers. Or that short.”

I told her I already had the hairstyle and liked it.

“I’m not doing it. It’ll look bad and I don’t want my name attached to it.”

Embarrassed now that the other hairdresser that was on and putting her two cents in, I meekly agreed with everything they said and did.

At the end my hairdresser asked what product I used and how much of it I used. I’m a very low maintenance woman. Rarely use makeup, wear mostly jeans and a Tshirt, and my hair is normally up. There’s  never any product in my hair.

Both women looked at me in horror when I told them nothing.

“I would die if I didn’t use anything. It would look so flat and dull like yours and I couldn’t do that.” the second hairdresser gasped.

“To each their own I guess. You’re done.” my hairdresser mumbled.

Another place I’ve never been back to.


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