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The bees!!!

This isn’t complaining really. It’s one of my favorite memories from when I worked at Mickey D’s and there weren’t many.

When I was employed at Mickey D’s they would always put me in the back window (we had two, the back is where you’d pay for food) because I was magically the only person who was able to multitask to do both cash register and take the orders in drive thru. It was a small nook in the wall that was about 6 feet by 6 feet. It felt very claustrophobic to me.

Needless to say when it turned summer that little nook would get really hot. I’d open my window for some fresh air which also gave the bees and wasps the idea to fly in. Back then I freaked out in such a small space with wasps flying around my head. I had never and have yet to ever be stung. I plan to keep it that way too. I’ve just… Seen things with wasps and bees that make me afraid of them.

I asked the maintenance man to kill the one flying around since I couldn’t reach it to kill it. He agreed and looked around for something to hit it with. His great idea was a sleeve of napkins that was encased in flimsy paper like a brown lunch bag. He went to go whack it. The moment it connected with the wasp and wall it exploded. Napkins and bits of the brown sleeve rained down in the little nook.

My coworker just stood there with a little scrap of the sleeve in his hands with a shocked look on his face. I started to laugh hysterically once he dropped the scrap and bolted away from the mess.