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Thank you, I won’t be back

All my life I have been self conscious. And around age 10 after my mother got me a horrific haircut, I became super self conscious about my hair. Once I was old enough to decide my own haircut I refused to get my hair cut shorter my shoulders. I don’t want a repeat of that tragic time.

For years I’ve constantly been getting the same hairstyle: to shoulders, all one length, no bangs. It really never changed. Finally I decided to try something new out. I tried bangs and layers out. And I absolutely loved it. So I wanted layers again the next time I wanted a haircut.

When I asked for layers the hairdresser said “No. You won’t look good with layers. Or that short.”

I told her I already had the hairstyle and liked it.

“I’m not doing it. It’ll look bad and I don’t want my name attached to it.”

Embarrassed now that the other hairdresser that was on and putting her two cents in, I meekly agreed with everything they said and did.

At the end my hairdresser asked what product I used and how much of it I used. I’m a very low maintenance woman. Rarely use makeup, wear mostly jeans and a Tshirt, and my hair is normally up. There’s ┬ánever any product in my hair.

Both women looked at me in horror when I told them nothing.

“I would die if I didn’t use anything. It would look so flat and dull like yours and I couldn’t do that.” the second hairdresser gasped.

“To each their own I guess. You’re done.” my hairdresser mumbled.

Another place I’ve never been back to.

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Wax on, Wax off

Most of what I post, as of right now, is me bitching about work. I don’t have a lot of stories outside of work because I work and go home. That’s basically it. On the rare occasions that I do go out, I’m sure I can find a reason to complain!

Like the one time I went with my sister in law to get her nails done. I’m not a girly girl but I will go to keep my friends company and not get my nails done. Never had an issue before.

It’s the first time either of us have been in this nail salon and it seems pretty normal. We’re just chatting while they work. Then she asked if they could wax her eyebrows since most nails places do it.

The guy nodded and said he would do that after the nails. He then looked up at me. “Are you getting your eyebrows done too?”

I said no, my eyebrows didn’t bother me as they were.

Still looking at me he said. “You sure you don’t want to? You could use it.”

The comment annoys me but I simply said no thanks again.

“I guess you don’t want to be pretty. You’ll just stay ugly.”

“If you’re trying to make a sale, being a prick is not the way to do it. And you can go fuck yourself.” I seethed as I got up.

“I’ll meet you outside when I’m done.” my sister in law frowned.

I now refuse to go with anyone to get their eyebrows or nails done.